How Blog Seo Can Help You Predict The Future (best SEO tips)


Best Blogspot SEO tips:

We already have enough knowledge about Blogspot or WordPress and because of this, the blog spot does not like much because it limits the optimization of search engines. There are many Blogspot SEO guides you will find on the Internet and many of them are related to template editing and all related, but WordPress plugins make it easy to optimize your blog.
However, I did not come here to frustrate my Blogspot friends. Instead, I will share some great Blogspot SEO tips that will help you get a better rank. Blogspot is a free blogging platform, it's always a blogging platform and a great platform to learn to blog.
If you do not know about Blogger, then get Jane from Youtube
Google Blogger Free and Useful Web Publishing Tool Most bloggers primarily use Blogger and then migrate and WordPress to get government or free templates, SEO, plugins etc.,
We've got some search engine optimization (SEO) tips for Blogspot blogs.

BlogSpot SEO: Useful Tips and Tricks
When we talk about SEO, you have to remember it
• First of all: We can stop site and site SEO.
★ Always unique post and ★ keyword research
If you have posted this post, then anyone posting it will never rank Google in this post on your site
★ is a title that every word in which the SEO does not write a title, write something that is public search and
Post title will give less than 50 characters
★ Blogger Post URL Link Format
Select Permalink without leaving automatic/random URL, and write a few words as per post and yes, A, B, C, D do not use anything like this.

Blog SEO
Maintain the keyword density

Keyword density is an important aspect of a good ranking. Write words in parallel to a low degree and your keywords will be on the staffing optimization. I generally maintain a ratio of 2% / post. Although and refrain from uploading copies of the images and download and upload images from Wikipedia, where the image is copyright free
★ Get your title title in the image, it will be your image SEO
And yes, try to add a custom domain, it plays a lot role for the rank
Hope this guide will give you a lot of great ideas about Blogspot SEO, even though you are ready with blogging and have enough experience in Blogspot, you will get great traffic
The way to download copyright free images.


Blogger site image SEO 👎
First, upload the image in your post and about the subject of the image Search Google
Then click on the image then.
Copy the content that you are posting on the post or photo search and the reality keywords you see below.
Paste the image title and the open text.
Blogspot SEO


Hopefully, this post will benefit from posting in this rule
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I try to post something like this so that you benefit
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Thanks for reading the post.

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